CERN Ditches Microsoft to ‘Take Back Control’ with Open Source Software



  1. JP4475


    Recently revived a not-really-old laptop and put Linux on it since I already bought a replacement windows laptop. The experience has been great, but now I hope we can get newbie usability better so I can recommend it to others. Took me like two days of intense work to set it up to my liking…

  2. Taykeshi


    Just came here to say that I switched to linux and couldn’t be happier. As a long time former windows user Linux Mint was my choise. Do it.

  3. 1_p_freely


    Switch to Linux because it’s cheaper and the developers don’t price discriminate against you, whether you’re a student, a 501C3, or a Martian. Stay on Linux because it isn’t spyware and malware that continues to send Microsoft intimate, personal data about you and what you are doing on your *personal* computer, even after you’ve opted out in the settings.

    Linux also doesn’t hijack your desktop and personal space to show you unsolicited advertisements either.

    At this point, you’d have to *pay me* to use Windows.

  4. Sheldor777


    >Microsoft recently revoked the organisations status as an academic institution, instead pricing access to its services on users. This bumps the cost of various software licenses 10x, which is just too much for CERN’s budget.

    Real reason for doing that. Still they are smart people they will figure it out. There are great open source project out there, something is surely right thing for them.

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