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  1. flossboss666


    Just a friendly reminder what Nano’s price would be if it hit other coins’ ATH marketcap:

    Dash: $90/Nano

    TRX: $108/Nano

    ADA: $217/Nano

    BCH: $497/Nano

    ETH: $1,016/Nano

  2. salientlife93


    Surprised Matic went down even further from its starting price after the chainlink partnership annoucement. This market is really irrational. Started at 294, went up to 317 and then fell back all the way down to 279

  3. exegg


    Created a topic about this fact but is too low quality for the sub, apparently. Anyway here it is if you want to chuckle and share


    If you had bought $50,000 of Venezuelan Bolivar rather than Bitcoin on the date it was launched, you would have $0.00017 today


    Official exchange rate in January 2009 was 2.15 Bs.F. per dollar. That’s $50,000 x 2.15 = 107,500 Bs.F

    After the monetary reform last year, five decimals were taken out due to high inflation. So we have 1.075 Bs.S.

    Today’s official exchange rate is 6,100 Bs.S. per dollar… So 1.075 / 6,100 = $0.00017623

    Government backed shitcoin.

  4. userlame_af


    VID-T. That’s all. It’s been shilled on /biz/ and has already gone up 152% in a week, the market cap is still under $5M, and it has partnerships with Krohne and Airbus. Working product, big partnership announcement on the 19th, tier 1 exchange listing coming soon, and still so much room to grow. You’ll also be able to convert your VIDT to VIDS when it hits the stock market. Token buybacks, token burns, excellent overall tokenomics in terms of coin distribution. Easiest 3x of your life from here, do a !remindme in a month if you don’t believe me and stay poor

    >bought in at 7 cents

  5. The **events taking place in Hong Kong & China right now may have a huge positive effect upon crypto today and in the immediate following days.**

    China threatening extradition of Hong Kong citizens affects ALL financial aspects within Hong Kong. It would only take a small percentage of the people in Hong Kong to move to create run on the banks, causing the financial system to collapse and the real estate market to get decimated.


    This horrible scenario could be taking place as you read this post. This horrible scenario could also drive interest and buy signals into cryptocurrencies.


    Trade tensions between America and China could also bode well for all cryptocurrencies as the American dollar and the American real estate market, in general, continues to fall.

  6. DeepKaizen


    So now that crypto isnt hot with the masses anymore and people have lost interest, what applications of blockchain aside from monetising coin has survived and shown its worth?

  7. King-of-Plebs


    For once I decided to wait this month for the market to dip more so I could buy more. So much FOMO right now. Hope there is a hard dip for profits today so I can get in low for the next leg.

  8. >[ETH/USDT](https://www.tradingview.com/x/JlAxWmbs/) just saw another bounce off of the 1D 50 EMA after to small retrace to the upper boundary of the ichi cloud with an oversold reading on the sRSI. I might be a little too excited right now…

    >Retest of 300 is possible from here at the very least in the short term imo.

    Just breached the [upper boundary of the 4H ichi and are overbought at key resistance](https://www.tradingview.com/x/XVHoKOE8/). May see a small retrace here before we continue the pump, but the outlook is still pretty bullish imo

    Edit: I say “imo” too much, imo

  9. Redditvoodoo


    Six months in and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are refusing to die. Following a year of ICO stagnation in 2018, it appeared that the crypto crowdfunding bubble had popped, sending tokenized projects back to the drawing board. Instead, the medium has been reborn under a different banner. In 2019, IEO token issuance is all the rage, but how long will the trend last?

    Same **** different wrapping.

    Greedy ppl never learn cuz they get scammed time after time.

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