1. pinhead26


    Hell no, if we want anything to succeed we need to keep it far the **** away from this racist moron. Even if you don’t agree that he is a racist piece of **** dumbass criminal, you have to see how polarizing he is across the world (and in the US – what, a 30% approval rating?).

    People already think Bitcoin is the currency of terrorism and violence, being associated with Trump is 1,000x worse.

  2. Trident1000


    **Inflation is not low**. CPI calc is wrong and everybody knows it. Cost of a mcdonalds cheeseburger has gone up 4% per year for instance. Other areas much more so like healthcare and housing. Even guys on CNBC says its BS.

    Govt needs inflation perception to be low or else they need to raise rates to sell treasuries which we cant afford.

  3. UndeadWolf222


    No, if he tweets about Bitcoin positively, half of America will instantly villainize it, and the media will **** on it more than they already do, his best policy would be to Let Be and not interfere positively or negatively.

  4. MrRGnome


    The last thing I want the Bitcoin public image to be associated with is this blundering oaf. I’d rather he banned Bitcoin and we get to see Bitcoins censorship resistance speak for itself.

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