Daily Discussion, June 23, 2019

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  1. slardybartfast8


    I just transferred around $190 USD from a desktop wallet to my trezor. The fee was about $1.30 and transferred in about 20 minutes. Are we doing better with fees this time around, or is this the sort of thing people complain about with high fees and slow Txs? Because if so, I don’t get it. If you are doing a business transaction, Sending $190 with paypal costs, I believe, more than 5 dollars. Granted that costs the seller not the sender, but still. Don’t even get me started on how much westernunion costs. If you physically drive to one with cash its still $5. Forget about a bank account transfer, the fees are insane. $9 and itll take FOUR DAYS. How is even a $1.50 fee and 20 minutes to transfer not a win at this point for BTC? Genuinely asking because looking into the competitors just now has me slightly baffled. I guess venmo and paypal between friends is still cheaper and faster? Should I be upset it costs $1.50 and not .15 cents?

  2. h0ax2


    Never bought bitcoin before, If I want to buy strictly for investing/hodling, what website has the lowest fees for credit card/bank transfer? What one do you recommend?

  3. _thinkingemote_


    How do I cash out via paypal. I only have $10. Was paid via btc. I set up a coinbase account and got money there and now I’m unable to add paypal cause paypal option is not showing. Its only showing bank options. Can someone please help

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