Greetings /r/Bitcoin! Some information for the newest among you!

Hello there,

The community is entering a new phase of Bitcoin with media attention, price action, and of course subreddit activity.

We wanted to post a thread with some general information/resources to help the newbies navigate this new activity along with providing a space to ask questions.

You have questions about Bitcoin? This entire thread is dedicated to exactly that!

Before we dive in, I highly suggest reading /u/theymos 's thread on reckless investing.

I’d like to stress that Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme.

Our previous FAQ that has some useful links.

The Bitcoin Wiki FAQ in the sidebar.

Bitcoin resources for the newbie and advanced techies alike.

Welcome from your friendly neighborhood moderators and feel free to post questions below.

We will do our best to answer some and I'm sure our more seasoned community members will join in to help.

HODL on friends.

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  1. rnbtool


    Why would anyone buy bitcoin from an ATM since they have an approximate 10% surcharge as opposed to online (i.e shakepay, coinbase, etc) where there’s practically no surcharge at all?

  2. Noob here. I only plan to invest the worth of a fast-food meal every week, but that only gets me .0008ish bitcoins. Is it still worth it? With it already at 11.7k, am I too late to the party? Should I wait for it to decrease? Pls help, am noob.

  3. DannyZee31


    Anyone recommend where to buy bitcoin?

    I keep reading really negative reviews about apps like Coinbase and Robinhood, is there anywhere I can go that won’t potentially liquidate my assets, or throw me into hidden fees.

  4. BrainDamageLDN


    To the new people coming here; investing your time into learning what this technology is and how you can best utilise it, including learning about the security side of things is equally, if not more important than just investing money.

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