The first electric Mini helps explain why BMW’s CEO just quit: BMW wants about $35,000 for a car with 146 miles of range, built on old i3 tech


  1. tonyflint


    Electrics will never be as profitable for any car manufacturer in comparison to a century old combustion tech, of course they are dragging their feet over this, a engine a so many times cheaper than batteries and electrics wont break down as often, so this will be a double whammy for gas engined manufacturers… they could have moved to electric at least a decade ago but with low profits forcasted they waiting til the end. Greed does this to innovation. We have had electric milk carts in the UK for decades, you really want us to believe we couldn’t have had electric vehicles until Tesla came along… pull the other one mate.

  2. brianl289


    i3 starts at 52k new around my parts. My buddy was interested in one but based on the features he went with a base model Tesla 3 for 35k out the door.

  3. thefebreeze


    My buddy was telling me he got a lease for 100 a month on an electric fiat. Thing has a 80 mile range and he only needs it for school and work so it’s perfect for him. I don’t see the 146 mile range being poor. I see the price point as it’s main issue.

  4. w0mba7


    InsideEVs says that this car has a 33 kWh battery, when a bare minimum base Tesla Model 3 has 50 kWh and you can get up to 75 kWh in a 3 (or up to 100 kWh in a Model S).

    It’s like the i3 all over again which always had pathetic batteries, only 22 kWh at launch and even now the max available is 44 kWh. Also BMW keep trying to use aH instead of kWh to obfuscate how far behind Tesla they are.

    People expect good specs and range from a premium brand, not this **** show.

  5. UnusualBear


    The biggest thing keeping me from buying a full electric right now is the range all the big manufacturers can’t offer. I’ve considered trading in my car and buying a model 3 – test driven a couple times and come really close; but with my rollover benefits from exchanging my Prius at a dealership I’d get a lot more value if Toyota or GM would just release a decent electric car.

    With the numerous charging stations around I just don’t have any need for a hybrid anymore once I can get one with at least a 250 mile range, let me make the switch god dammit.

  6. snail-gorski


    If you are familiar with marketing you will know what they are doing: cash cowing. Until now European market isn’t big enough for EVs. They learned it hard way.

  7. gambiting


    That’s pretty ****. Kia e-Niro is just as cheap and has nearly 300 miles range(you will also wait at least a year if you order one, but hey)

  8. GrowCanadian


    For me to switch to electric I need a minimum of 350 miles of range or there needs to be fast charge stations scattered all over the place. I make a trip about once a month to see family and there currently is only small towns between my city and theirs and I don’t see those towns getting fast charging stations any time soon. I checked and a model 3 on a normal 120v charge would take something like 23 hours to get me half charged.

  9. skellener


    Wish I could afford one. For the price the range isn’t as good as other EVs in its price range. Wish Tesla would just make a small hatchback Mini-ish car.

  10. GabeDef


    Not surprised, Tesla is the new status symbol here in L.A. Until the German auto makers decide to compete with long range EVs their market share will continue to plummet in the world’s largest car market.

  11. slash196


    All this foot-dragging by the legacy players is not about strategy. They’re not dumb, they know EVs will be eating their lunch in five years. It’s about squeezing a few more years from the fixed assets they built to make ICE cars before they have to recognize (in an accounting sense) that those factory lines won’t be used for 30 years but for 15. Then they’ll have to eat a huge amount of depreciation which will kill their earnings and probably get everyone in management fired. That day of reckoning WILL come but as long as they can postpone it a few more quarters they can make a few more bonuses before everything comes crashing down. It’s already happened at Land Rover, GE has been hemorrhaging from having to write down natural gas assets that were supposed to be good until 2030 and are uneconomical NOW. Large energy companies have been getting hammered in the market for years now because although they continue to post strong profits, everyone knows their balance sheets are trillion dollar fictions. Anyone with major assets tied up in fossil fuels or their use is going to get blown the hell up and everyone knows it, but they’re trying to keep the music going just a liiiitle bit longer so they can personally cash out.

  12. not_creative1


    Why can’t these car companies that have been around for 100+ years make a half decent electric car that can compete with a tesla?

    Forget model S, model 3 is a beast. Especially for its price. If that price comes down another 10k nobody would touch BMW 3 series, Mercedes C class etc with a 20 foot pole.

    These German car companies should be ashamed of themselves. What is BMW and Mercedes’s response for model S? Model S has been out for almost 5 years now. What is their response to model 3? I wish I could go outside Mercedes factory with a giant “YOU SUCK” banner

  13. BenderDeLorean


    Problem is that people buy it anyway.

    Large SUV with a small trunk? You need more parking space than in a small car and it’s the worst option for a city car? No one will be so dumb and buy that..
    *Looks out of the window….*

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