Voting Machine Makers Claim The Names Of The Entities That Own Them Are Trade Secrets


  1. OttawaJohnny


    This is the #1 reason why the separation of Corporation and State is every bit as important, if not more important than, the separation of Church and State in today’s political society.

  2. nankerjphelge


    The correct response from election officials should be “fine, we’ll stop using your product then”. Let’s see how precious their “trade secrets” are when they don’t have any customers.

  3. GreenFox1505


    “Voting Machines” and a “Free and Fair Democracy” are incongruous to each other. A stable system cannot have both. They fundamentally put too much power in the hands of to few while making it impossible to reasonably verify the way they’re using that power. That is fundamentally not a democracy. Period.

  4. ninimben


    *Hart InterCivic, a corporation that derives independent actual value from this information not being generally known or readily ascertainable and makes reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of this information, requests that it be designated as a trade secret pursuant to G.S. § 132-1.2(1)d. and G.S. § 66-152(3).*

    It’s hard to imagine legitimate reasons for a company to derive “independent actual value” from being secretly invested in a voting machine company….

  5. Lol that’s not how intellectual property works… just knowing the name of a company isn’t breaching IP. A trade secret is a form of intellectual property that is protected solely by the fact that it is a secret and revealing it would compromise the underlying intellectual property. The Krabby patty secret formula would be considered a trade secret. But just being given the name of a mother company doesn’t compromise its trademark (and this wouldn’t be trade secret either way) in any way. So yeah this makes no sense.

  6. gergnerd


    Well that’s not shady or anything. Nothing wrong here guys go ahead and stop asking. Just go about your lives and don’t worry about who owns the voting machines that control your democracy. Nothing to see here move along.

  7. PraxisLD


    It’s not that they think these owner’s names are really trade secrets, it’s just that they don’t know how to use the cyrillic alphabet…

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