Chinese air pollution dimmed sunlight enough to impact solar panels – Pollution from coal and biomass burning blocks 13% of solar electricity


  1. B33mo


    There was a thread yesterday where someone was mentioning the irony of how our current coal and biomass burning pollution is actually acting as a sort of sunscreen that is keeping the earth somewhere between 1-3°C cooler than it would be if it wasn’t there. Halting those emissions right out would cause that global temp change rather rapidly and would kill a ton of wildlife.

  2. SC2sam


    but remember only the west ever gets blamed for the global pollution problem. People love to ignore that the overwhelming vast majority of the global pollution comes from China and other asian nations. It’s just somehow cooler to blame it all on the west and expect the west to fix it even though nothing the west does or will do other than refusing to purchase anything from China will have any effect on global pollution.

  3. ThatScottGuy


    I am not surprised at all. I spent a week in Beijing last year and only saw the sun once on Monday.

    I could feel the pollution me at the end of the day and had to shower as soon as I got to the hotel each evening.

  4. VarvatosVex


    It’s just sad when the whole world is working their asses off trying to minimize pollution and CO2, meanwhile China just looks at all that effort and goes “Sweet, that means we can pollute even more”.

    And then you get another article like this that reads like a bad “Yo Mama” joke;
    “Yo China is so polluted that their solar panels are losing 13% efficiency”


  5. That’ll be why they started building [lots of nuclear reactors]( over the next decade.

    This is in addition to spending [$3 Billion ]( on a Thorium-Breeding Molten Salt Reactor [TMSR](

    Let’s face it they need to. But what’s our excuse to still be using coal fired power stations?

  6. DonManuel


    Back in the 90s I worked a few years in the solar business in Austria, and I remember how we never even tried to sell in the capital of Vienna. At that time the reduction of solar irradiation in that urban area was said to be up to 40%, so I think these 13% are even very optimistic for Chinese urban areas today.

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