DuckDuckGo Traffic Is Still Exploding!


  1. Good_ApoIIo


    Google killed their mobile SE for me, interspersed more ads into results and attempted to further camouflage them. Made the switch.

    Of course it’s not as good as Google but **** Google.

  2. netzvolk


    For those still not aware, you can even go to DuckDuckGo faster than Google if you need to do it manually, just 4 letters in your URL bar:

  3. Show985


    Glad many are dropping Google for DDG, on that rare occasion that you may need to query Google, just add “g!” to your search.

    I changed my default search engine in everything and that little prefix has me covered for eventualities.

  4. Back in the day [2001], I hit a Google search and the thing I wanted was, if not the first hit, it was the second. Extremely efficient and effective.

    Now I make searches. I get stuff I don’t want. I get commercials as the first hits, I’ve had to go to page 2 or 3 to get even close to where I needed to be.

    When the tool no longer does what you need to use it for in the first place, it’s no longer a tool you want to use.

  5. VPN, firefox with all the usual plugins(ghostery, ublock, https everywhere) and DDG as default search engine. firefox focus and vpn on mobile devices. What else am I missing for the privacy conscious?

  6. elvee61


    DDG is one reason my Google search history is squeaky clean. No elder furry trans vore horse porn searches to be found in my Google search history, tyvm.

  7. fgsgeneg


    I have an android tablet with google as the default app provider. About six months ago I tried to change my default search engine from google to DDG, but the option to do so didn’t exist. Just recently I tried again, and, bingo, one of the available options was DDG. Could the recent availability on google/android be responsible for the increase?

  8. dangil


    It’s incredible how your search engine results and suggestions mold your thought process. Since switching from google, mind has to work a little more to find what I want. But at least I am not dependent on what google thinks it’s good for me

  9. Cizzar


    Privacy isn’t even the only thing that’s wrong with google, it even fails at its main function, searching the web as google’s search results are heavily censored and filtered …

  10. Not sure why the post title and comments here are sounding surprised. Sure, it’s nice to be notified they are doing well, but “!”?

    Nah, most knew this would happen.

    My real fear about DDG is that they are going to run into financial trouble or some big company is going to try and buy them. (Which if they run into financial trouble will be an ease sell.)

  11. Malor


    I’ve been getting better results from them in the last six or eight months. For quite awhile, I was switching over to Google for more advanced/estoteric queries, and I haven’t felt the need to do that as much lately.

    I do still sometimes pop over to Google, but it once was *constantly*, and now it’s just *occasionally*.

  12. I have been a google fanboy forever; using google everything. However, I’m done with the bull ****. Switched to firefox, plucked everything off my google drive and set up a remote access NAS from home with nextcloud on it. Started using DDG search.

    Hopefully more people join the movement. Just read 1984, A Brave New World, and Animal Farm, all very old but timeless books… and you’ll be like “Oh ****… It’s happening and were not realizing it just like in the books.”

    History repeats itself. Once big brother knows everything about every individual there will be no way to push back.

  13. Context: last time someone posted about this DDG (Duckduckgo) got 27 million hits on that particular day. Today, 283 days later that has grown to 43 million hits a day. It seems that people are finally waking up and taking privacy seriously, Well at-least a small fraction of us.

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