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  1. nataly_9


    Market moving upwards! I reckon we will push steady through $12k again! Trump maximizing Bitcoin exposure! The big difference between USD fiat currency and Bitcoin is that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin – ever! There’s an infinite supply of USD – therefore the USD is going to zero!

  2. TheThird__


    The U.S. president has just gave this space the biggest back handed compliment you could give for a man is such position as President. Let me break it down:

    1. He publicly **recognised** Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and facebook. *This alone infers a great deal*

    2. He tweeted as though Bitcoin, crypto and Libra is a threat to the dollar – his tweet was in defence of the dollar. *His inference is correct; it is.*

    3. He stated crypto is not money – he is correct, *its properties are better than money.*

    4. He did not tweet that he intends to stop it – only that it **has to comply. It will comply**, it will and also **disrupt and cause a rare global wealth exchange that will not be rivalled in many a generation.**


    Always ensure you are in the right coins, never stop challenging yourself with this question. Good luck with whatever you hodl.

  3. abaxtastic


    Been thinking about ways to get into the active side of the cryptocurrency economy. I’m pretty good at rehabbing furniture and household items and made myself and some family members bespoke “hide in plain sight” non-digital wallets that are near impossible to find unless someone tells you. Would folk be into that sort of thing? [poll about just that](https://forms.gle/GfhFh3Z1c3gcdpE4A)

  4. ch3white10


    President of the richest country in the world states that he doesn’t like BTC and other cryptocurrencies and the market (price) completely ignores that information.

    This is very huge guys. Nobody can stop this rolling. It is too late for them.

  5. humansources


    As citizens of developed countries throughout the world are driven into negative interest rate environments – Bitcoin will be THE world-wide store of value.


    …and the battle may already be over.

  6. TenderBeefSoup


    What are your thought about LSK? I do not trade but I want to hodl some coins in long term vision and I invest a bit every time I can.

    I saw on athcoinindex that LSK is – 96% from ATH.

    Do you think it’s worth it to invest a bit in it? Or is it dead?

  7. hurrdurrCS


    Evil angel comes to you at night at tells you to put all your bank on one coin from top 80-250, if it’s legit project with a lot of potential you get to keep your balls, if you choose a shitcoin the angel will cut your **** off and you going to eat it (insert Mcafee joke here)

    Shill me your best low cap project

  8. tghGaz


    If you told me in Dec 2017 that Nano would have continued until now with no security issues, reliable throughout, major improvements to the protocol and the recent announcements about adoption (integration in to POS devices)… Then asked me to guess what position it is on coinmarketcap I would have guessed top 5.

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