Giant batteries and cheap solar power are shoving fossil fuels off the grid


  1. el___diablo


    How much electricity is lost in transit ?

    If America had a massive solar farm in Africa (to provide solar energy during America’s night time), with an underground cable transmitting the electricity, how much energy is lost in transit ?

  2. gundam_warlock


    Are solar panels recyclable yet? And how many desert flora and fauna are we going to drive into extinction to in order to build enough solar farms to power the world?

  3. klingonjoe


    How toxic are these batteries? Honest question…

    At some the lifetime of these batteries will expire and will have process / recycle the chemical waste. Sounds like Nuclear Dilemma 2.0.

    Are we robing Peter to pay Paul?

  4. Pettteee


    We are just changing from fossil fuel to mineral rocks that we retrieve from under the ground. It won’t take very long til we exhaust the mines and then what next?

  5. obfg


    What percentage of global energy is produced by solar and stored in batteries? 12% incuding hydroelectric, solar,geothermal, biomass and wind. Relative to global warming… a very small drop. Only 18% of world energy consumption is electrical.

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