US charges Chinese software engineer Xudong Yao with stealing trade secrets from former American employer


  1. Invader-Skutch


    Dose china even need to steal ?
    The west designs it and we just send it to china to build it, they can just wait and then assimilate.

    They are kind of like the Borg.

  2. jxrxmiah


    I feel bad for Chinese Americans cause now all their hard work will be tainted by the actions of China. They’ll be seen differently and treated differently. ☹️

  3. seekandknow


    >When Yao travelled from China to Chicago in November 2015, “he had in his possession the stolen trade secret information. including nine complete copies of the suburban Chicago company’s control system source code and the systems specifications.

    Does anyone else think it is strange Xudong Yao travelled back to the USA from China with the stolen documents? I reckon he was going to try to sell the trade secrets to an American company.

  4. salton


    It has been said before, but this is really bad for chinese americans. With this sort of thing happening all the time and even second generation chinese americans defecting and stealing intellectual property for china what company with high value intellectual property would staff anyone of chinese descent in trusted rolls?

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