I got super excited seeing this, I thought everyone would enjoy this. Following him in Buffalo, NY



  1. sthavins21


    I really despise that word for some reason. Just say hold. Not sure why but people jumping on bandwagons to try and fit in is annoying to me. It’s like someone’s said hodl and people thought it was cool so they started using it. It’s not original anymore. You’re just piggybacking on someone else’s created word. Rant over.

  2. xander1101


    So for reference if it was me I would have a different account with maybe 4 BTC so if I ever got kidnapped because of the tag I could just be this is all the btc I have lol

  3. guywith_noname


    He or she is pro crypto. That’s always good. Easy conversation starter to spread awareness. Which we all need. Not everyone knows what hodl means. And if they do I’m sure they are too scared to rob him. Roughly 30% of Americans carry guns. Also maybe they bought in early when it was under $100 and they hodl to get that. Y’all need to stop hating cause they got in earlier. Smh.

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