The US Navy will replace the touchscreen controls with mechanical ones on its destroyers – After a deadly 2017 crash between a destroyer and an oil tanker


  1. >Specifically, the board points to the touchscreens on the bridge, noting that mechanical throttles are generally preferred because “they provide both immediate and tactile feedback to the operator.” The report notes that had mechanical controls been present, the helmsmen would have likely been alerted that there was an issue early on, and recommends that the Navy better adhere to better design standards.

    Wait, there weren’t even mechanical ones there *just in case*?

    That like buying a car with only a touchscreen and no steering wheel or pedals. What do you do when the touchscreen malfunctions/becomes unresponsive/gets bugged/etc.? You crash. Unless, ofcourse, there’s pedals and a steering wheel *just in case something goes wrong*.

    Who even decides such things in the first place?

  2. This is why star trek future always had mechanics buttons. They never wanted to run into another vessel at warp speed.

    This accounted for many “lost” ships never arriving anywhere at the beginning of stellar journeys.

  3. sokos


    some screens would be nice as touch screen, but I have to say most UI of equipment is clearly not designed by people using that equipment.

  4. OK, quick story. When I was in the Navy we had a navigation system with touch screens on the captains bridge. Every 6 months I would have to replace or cannibalize the screens from the admirals bridge because some officer would get so pissed off when they were unresponsive they would punch them. It was so damn obvious they punched them, because they were damn near bullet proof, and there would be a circle the size of a fist on the screen. They’d also slap them so damn hard the connections inside would come loose. I would have to open them up and apply adhesive to anything plugged into a slot. Oh, and Ratheon stopped supporting the system 5 years earlier, so I would have to come up with the most ridiculous fixes. Good times :(.

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