Tomorrow’s bionic eyes will have ‘Predator’ vision



  1. Divenity


    I wonder how long it will take for someone to figure out how to send images straight to the brain without the brain implant…

    and then that opens the door for using it for VR, which would be amazing.

  2. dedokta


    We look at our history and classify things in Ages; the bronze age, space age etc. I think the next age will be the Bionic age and it will begin when people start replacing perfectly functional body parts because the bionic ones are better.

  3. stoutyteapot


    There is a super rare condition where women can see a much larger spectrum of colors than the normal person. It’s called being tetrachromatic. And these people see 9 million more colors than normal people. Maybe that should come first.

  4. VolkspanzerIsME


    My one and only hope is that we actually get to the Cyberpunk phase before civilization destroys itself. I want to technologically enhance my body more than anything….no, wait… A ****-bot. I want a ****-bot more than anything. Now I remember.

  5. oalbrecht


    So it’s only 60 pixels? That’s not a lot at all, though obviously better than nothing.

    Something like this has been done years back without surgery by putting an electrode on the tongue so people can see by feeling the sensation on their tongue

  6. mrtman43-a


    I find it amazing that me and others can have there vision fixed like this. The issue I have is when I was just born the light burnt my optic nerve. I can see out of the eye but vary poorly. I find it insane that something like this can be done

  7. entmus


    No 1 app: Soldiers. Thermal vision, top secret and highly lockeddown intel fed directly and only into the brain of those who need to know, etc. Give it 30-50 years.

  8. I have really, really bad eyes, and have my entire life. Optometrists have always had no idea what’s wrong with my eyes other than “Your optic nerves look like they’re slightly crooked”. Without glasses or contacts, I can’t read my phone if it’s more than 3 inches away from my face. With glasses, contacts or laser eye surgery the best I can possibly see is 20/60.

    I’m grateful to be able to see at all of course, I could be blind, but I would throw these eyes away in an instant if I could get robot eyes.

  9. Zei33


    Holy crap. So they’re directly interfacing with your brain to show some sort of visual imagery. We’re might not be that far away from overlaying some sort of interace/heads up display with your vision.

    I mean, it’ll require brain surgery or something, but who knows what the future will bring.

    There was a post a few days ago about human augmentation and this kind of thing could be the start of neural augmentation. Just imagine being able to do complicated mathematical equations at a thought. Or improving your reaction time for driving. Maybe an integrated navigation system where you just think about where you want to go and then you *know* the directions.

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