US Senator says wireless carriers helping Trump build ‘surveillance state’


  1. This shits been going on waaayyy before trump guys. Anyone remember the amazing patriot act? The one that Obama rallied against then renewed it? This stuff has been going on since governments have existed, that why the founders made the fourth amendment, that all lawmakers and alphabet agencies ignore now. You realize the founders would have pulled out the muskets and cannons by now right? Oh that’s right, that’s an archaic document that has no bearing on current day society…/s

  2. Atrampoline


    While I totally and completely agree that we gravely need legislation to stop these types of surveillance practices, I think it misrepresents the issue by this guy labeling it as a “Trump surveillance state”. Again, I’m totally behind this, but it pisses me off that it needs to be turned into political grandstanding instead of taking focus on those who are really responsible.

    Let’s be real guys: this ****’s been going on for a LONG time, and Trump’s not the first president / administration to continue spying on us. This is an issue that requires that we hold ALL of our elected officials responsible, regardless of political affiliation, and demand that they stop allowing our intelligence agencies and telecom companies to behave in this way.

    This is a BIPARTISAN issue that has only been continued by Trump, and is built upon a foundation that was created by every Democrat and Republican administration before him.

  3. wtgr23


    LMAO you mean the plans started under bush and expanded by Obama are now solely being attributed to Trump? Trump is shitty but this game is ridiculous

  4. Jareth86


    Democrats accused George Bush of this.

    Republicans accused Barack Obama of this.

    I feel like this is been in the works for quite some time and both liberal and conservative citizens are just getting ****** in the ass as we squabble over who’s behind it.

  5. DurDurDurkistan


    Oh u mean what’s been going on since 2001 since the original patriot act?

    Where “terrorism” wiretaps are authorized 10,000 times a year for drug distribution cases? Something that was explicitly forbidden when the laws were passed?

    Yeah – that was Trump.

  6. Honztastic


    They were helping W build a surveillance state.

    They were helping Obama build a surveillance state.

    And now they’re helping Trump continue to do it.

    The problem is the intelligence community and complicit corporations.

  7. SKEvil


    Guys, we get it—the government has been using & expanding its surveillance capabilities for decades. No one including Sen. Wyden is saying this began with Trump.

    The point is to again raise the long-standing issue of the expanding surveillance powers of the government in light of the ever-increasing amount of sensitive data telecommunication & internet companies are collecting on their customers and the high potential for abuse of such data. These companies know where you go, what sites you visit, where you shop, who your friends are & who you are in contact with, etc—and it’s not just the raw data itself but all of the inferences that can be drawn by correlation. We need to talk about how the 4th Amendment and our right to privacy apply in this digital age of data and pass legislation to protect ourselves from this data being misused by both the government and corporations.

  8. The telecom companies have been semi-nationalized since 2001. This isn’t new to Trump. The one company that tried to fight getting completely absorbed into the national security apparatus (Qwest) doesn’t exist anymore. They are all part of the state now.

  9. StewofPuppies


    I don’t like Trump either but guys really? Bush and Obama helped paved the road for this to happen but to be perfectly honest I’m not entirely sure they’re even the ones who started it either. And I’m sure the “start” of this development of a surveillance state has been planned for much longer prior to W Bush even; prob back to Bush Sr. Rage Against the Machine has a few songs where they reference surveillance state and that was in the 90s.

  10. Fancy_Mammoth


    Did everyone just up and forget about the Patriot Act? Since 2001 all the government had to do was submit a National Security Letter stating “I think this guy is bad” and they had access to everything.

    Additionally, even if you take the Patriot Act out of the equation, wireless providers have been doing this for years. We’ve all seen the news articles that out Cell providers and ISPs for selling/leaking location data and browsing history. Anyone who didn’t see this coming or realized it’s already happening is either living under a rock or genuinely has no clue when it comes to technology.

  11. DacMon


    They helped Obama with that too. I wasn’t a fan of Obama either. I’m even less of a fan of Trump. I think I like wireless carriers less than Obama, but maybe more than Trump.

  12. TheContrarian2


    TRUMP. Funny. TRUMP is doing this. Ridiculous.

    Search “Room 641A” for just a hint of the **** the NSA has been doing for nearly 2 decades, and almost certainly for longer than that.

    Thank Bush and later Obama for the Patriot Act and funding of the NSA to build a gigantic data center in Utah that can effectively store all of our digital communications, virtually forever.

    Oh, the US Senator is a democrat. Gotcha. Makes sense.

  13. >US Senator says wireless carriers helping ~~Trump~~ government build ‘surveillance state’

    FTFY. This has been going on since Bush and the original Patriot Act. It was expanded under Obama. And now it’s being expanded again under Trump.

    This is a **GOVERNMENT** thing not a Trump thing. Though I will say one thing I love about the Trump presidency is how inept he is at hiding ****, and how nobody gives him any breaks so now **** like this, which has been going on for decades, is coming to light and people are paying more attention.

  14. 1_p_freely


    Anyone who thinks surveillance started with trump needs to Google two words. “William Binney”. He was the original whistleblower, long before Snowden.

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