It’s time to end “trending” on Twitter: At best, it’s worthless — and at worst, it’s actively harmful


  1. AHughes1078


    GTA San Andreas is trending right now, because a lot of people are posting about how GTA San Andreas is trending and they thought it was a remaster being announced. So now, it’s trending because of people trying to figure out why it’s trending.

  2. Gequals8PIT2


    It’s not as if other websites won’t aggregate and report this exact same information. Eliminating it from Twitter doesn’t solve the problem, it just removes the self-reporting of one of Twitter’s own metrics.

  3. 0xD153A53


    Twitter, itself, is a goddamn cancer. Along with **** like Instagram, it feeds the idea that everyone has something important to say and we’re all equally important in this world.

    We’re not.

  4. joeblow555


    Simple. Stop using Twitter. Stupid ******* *****. It’s a company’s attempt to provide something someone wants that will bring the company shareholders value. As long as people keep going to it and clicking on the **** they put in front of them there will be value created for the company and continue reinforcing that what they are doing works.

  5. treetop8388


    It’s not only misinformation it’s also just amplification. The Covington incident was really a non story but because it trended on Twitter every outlet wrote a think piece about it. Vitality is just a product of platforms, it’s not an indicator of newsworthiness. Hopefully more outlets catch on.

  6. Gauntlets28


    “Gosh, why didn’t I think of that?”

    No but seriously, that was always the case. Also I can think of specific cases where people have got so caught up in things that were trending that they ended up getting sued for defamation. It’s like a monkey on your back saying “say this unfounded thing, everyone else is already, what could go wrong?”

    And then boom, you’ve spread misinformation about and the bullshit has gone just a little further than it would have otherwise (and you’re getting sued).

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