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  1. Elean0rZ


    A minor *****-fest, because what is life for if not to ***** about things on the internet?

    Yesterday, allegations emerged about issues affecting a certain project, which we’ll call X (my point here is about what happened, not about the project it happened to).

    The initial allegation post ([link](https://np.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/cpnmcv/pivxs_response_to_my_last_report_its_not_pretty/)) has received 350+ upvotes at a ratio of 92% positive.

    X’s response post ([link](https://np.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/cpyo3p/a_response_to_the_article_pivx_and_200_pos_chains/) and also [link](https://medium.com/@bryandoreian/team-lunar-bitgreen-campaign-for-awareness-pump-fudcasting-of-pivx-and-how-various-cryptomedia-21becab9af0ecrypto) if you want more reading) has received just over 25 upvotes at an 87% ratio.

    If this was a neutral issue–like, say, the allegations had merit, but X had a reasonable explanation–you might reasonably expect a roughly equivalent number of upvotes for each post. But in fact the initial allegations have turned out to be misleading. Meanwhile, the response from X hasn’t cleared up every question, but it’s at least been been open and realistic. And yet the misleading piece has received an order of magnitude more love than the rational explanation.

    This is even more interesting when you note that the project that was shilled at X’s expense in the initial allegation post was temporarily pumped to more than double its previous price, and that the allegation post itself received nearly 200 upvotes in the first two hours after its posting, despite pertaining to a relatively unknown project. And it’s especially interesting that the allegations were taken up by various crypto news outlets, including those whitelisted in this sub for their supposed integrity, yet there has been no uptake of the information that counters those allegations. It is hard to imagine that these facts are coincidental. It’s also hard to imagine that this case is unique.

    This is just one example, but the point is this: crypto is founded on principles of decentralization and trustlessness, yet information about crypto continues to be highly manipulated. Metaphorically speaking, the distribution of CryptoInformationCoin is skewed toward a few whales. So please–remain skeptical as you interact in this space. Don’t let the truth become just another pump-and-dump.

  2. vylum


    i tilted and went all in on nano, i figure this is near bottom for alts and it has the most potential to make a run. i want everyone to be safe and healthy.

  3. drawingthesun


    I think this is a failed bull run and now we will resume the bear market of 2017-now.

    We have lost momentum and no one is interested in crypto. The tech is already here, no one seems to care.

    Cryptocurrency is now in full penny stocks territory, a niche but to never be mainstream.

  4. Crypto913


    Lol @ vechain.. that coin is dying off, its at ATL and still has trouble bouncing even tho there is a “buyback”. Up 6 sats from the bottom, dead.

    2017 hyped up shitcoin projects will die the worse deaths, vechain and verge are rocked the hardest

  5. MrBleepBleep


    Any catalyst? Tumult in China? Wassup

    Edit: **** it, sold and waiting for the floor to start trading it instead of holding with an entry that wasn’t in spring or before (woops)

    EDIT2: but fr tho are we seeing profit taking or even mass liquidating into fiat by Chinese whales (maybe in HK, especially if probability is high for a police action by PLA)?

    EDIT3: IS THE CATALYST FOR BTC SELL-OFF BINANCE?? They’re based in HK, are they taking their **** to cold wallets and bouncing?

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