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  1. 46dcvls


    Look at all that’s going on in the world.

    Negative interest rates

    Quantitative tightening over

    US president complaining , asking for lower rates

    Brexit, October 31st, super spooky

    Hong Kong destabilization

    Currency failures (Argentina, Venezuela, etc)

    Trade Wars

    US president candidates have spending plans that would massively increase inflation.

    Bitcoin hashrate smashing through new ATHs

    Bitcoin is a global standard. In a world of changing politics and allegiances, bitcoin just keeps growing stronger. This world is becoming more decentralized. As trust between nations wanes trade becomes more difficult. Nations can “manipulate” currency to their benefit. In the past the world has used gold as an independent global standard. In today’s fast paced digital world that is just not practical. Bitcoin is the digital gold we need as the global index of value, independent from politics , locality, etc.

    If you’re here I hope it’s because you have the vision to see through the violent ups and downs of this market. Nothing is guaranteed, but think more in terms of bitcoins relevance to the world as events unfold rather than the price charts

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