A simple diagram showing how Ripple the private company has made billions of USD in last 7-8 years



  1. TonberryHS


    OP runs r/ripplescam where he posts endless stories like this day after day after day to an empty room.

    Why can’t people just invest in what they like and leave everyone else to do the same? Just be concerned with your own agenda. Unless your agenda is to spread FUD for either personal gain, to troll, or because you’re angry at a loss.

    This logic of calling coins you personally don’t believe in out to be a scam is a fallacy on par with me saying “Katy Perry makes the best music, and if you like Taylor Swift you are wrong.” You don’t like Ripple or XRP? No worries, don’t invest in them. You think other people are getting scammed? So what? Standing on an internet soap box you’ve built for yourself yelling out that everyone else is a fool isn’t helpful to anyone, and only serves to feed your own inflated sense of self.

  2. fasterfind


    XRP, the premine coin that has a bazillion coins for the developers, and 1% for everybody else.
    We get dumped on EVERY fucking time the price ever moves. And it will be like that for maybe 80 years or so. You’ll be dead before the price has really moved in a meaningful way.

    It’s become a real **** coin that’s risky as hell to hold.

    Everything they did at the beginning has poisoned the future of the coin for anyone that dares hold it.

  3. ripbum


    Maybe i’m missing something. So what is the purpose of the XRP token/coin? Why would a normal Joe Schmo need XRP when all of this XRP movement is done in the background as he transfers yen from one bank to euros in another bank? I understand Ripple will make a killing on the transfer fees, but that is where XRP is even more useless as Ripple can charge the fee in the fiat to the customers.

  4. Anyone who didn’t know from day one that xrp has been at best a bandwagon jumping centralised “cryptocurrency” designed to make it easy for the existing financial institutions to own the space before anyone gets free of them; and at worst an absolute scam… Well I’m afraid I have no sympathy.

    It’s not accepted anywhere. It’s barely mentioned in any crypto forum. There seems to be no grass roots consumer campaign, and yet it’s a top 10 coin. Someone is manipulating the price big time and you’d have to be naïve not to guess at it being the very p people who issue the coin and benefit most from inflating the supply.

  5. captainjck


    I can’t believe that people are still adhering to tribalism and using their time and energy to belittle other projects in the world of crypto with nonsense like this. Ripple is one of the most legitimate projects in this space. Time will tell if they succeed or not, but I have a feeling that it will be beneficial for the entire space if they do.

  6. ukdudeman


    Hang on a minute – quite literally anyone can be a part of this, right? Just hold XRP like Ripple and Ripple’s partners do. I mean, according to the diagram, XRP’s is guaranteed to go up….sign me up!

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