Isn’t it scary? What do you think of this?



  1. chriscambridge


    What is scary is your two UK “facts” that I have checked are either false, or highly misleading.

    Mastercard is an American brand, that has four American founders; HSBC is a British bank and is not a founder!

    This “partnership” that Coinbase is talking about with Barclays, another British bank – is nothing more than Coinbase opening up a business account, where they were forced to do in depth anti-money laundering!

    Reading some of the comments below I can see some of your American and European stuff has also been pulled apart in terms of not being factually correct.

    But hey this is Reddit, who needs the truth when you got a (badly resized) chart/picture to prove your case?!

  2. MarketMeltdown


    coinbase lost barclays – they are changing banks right now – not a partnership either

    This is just a weak link list that tries to form connections

    If you want to create an interesting list, look at all the investors who put their money into the binance exchange

  3. davand23


    next time you want to create controversy among people with critical thinking skills don’t just throw companies names, add the percentage they own at least, because many of us can put 500k USD in CoinBase and then make a freaking infographic saying we are the owners which is stupidly misleading. Also notice how OP puts JP. Morgan logo next to shitcoins logos, its as if OP would have been in charge of creating a chart for a HS project

  4. RothbardbePeace


    it takes the big players like this in order to keep the government from completely cracking down Tiananmen square style. There is no way around it….either the elites get at least a cut of things or they will nuclear bomb everyone. Bitcoin is a honeybadger and cannot be stopped….but so are the elites. Real recognizes real and this is how they decide to adapt with both surviving to some degree.

  5. d0gbread


    This is not a bad thing. People and businesses with the means are investing in the *businesses behind the crypto tech* and not the crypto itself. That makes sense because whichever solutions find adoption will leverage these tools that enable consumer adoption.

    If Coinbase was public I would hold more in their stock than I would in Bitcoin, too.

  6. blewcoin


    DCG doesn’t own coinbase, second market doesn’t exist anymore, no idea wtf the point is with banks creating MasterCard. This is garbage and I can’t even imagine the conclusion you want people to reach.

  7. fiatpete


    It would be useful to have some percentages for the ownership stakes. Are they just investments or would they offer some sort of influence. Also I’m sure the partnership between Barclays and coinbase was just a bank account to allow coinbase to offer faster payments to UK residents.

  8. WonderboyUK


    I don’t think people here really appreciate the incredibly unlikely prospect that Crypto will simply takeover the whole established economy of the planet, across countless regulatary bodies.

    What is more likely is that adoption takes hybidised forms, banks learn to deal with and incorperate crypto and perhaps sometime in the future we, as a society, get to a point where third parties are not wanted. Until then you can’t just throw a multi-trillion dollar industry with countless jobs out because a minority of righteous individuals want to send money anonymously from one person to another.

    OPs infographic IS adoption.

  9. martinkarolev


    I think it’s outdated. Today, even more financial giants are being involved into different crypto projects. And that is how the world has been functioning for decades. Crypto makes no difference and that is not a bad thing.

  10. eastsideski


    Of course the financial industry is interested, 5 years ago this would seem like a good thing.

    As long as networks are decentralized, permissionless and open source, I don’t see a problem.

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