‘Like you’ve been fired from your job’: YouTubers have lost thousands of dollars after their channels were mistakenly demonetized for months


  1. Centoaph


    If your job relies solely on a third party that you don’t pay, you ****** up. You need a website or something of your own as at least a backup plan. If internet content is your job, treat it like one.

  2. Cyberpeep_77


    This is why I always feel uneasy when a small YouTuber (<1 Mill subs) uploads a “Dropped out of college/quit my job to do YT” it’s just such a volitile career move, please have a back up plan

    Edit: typo

  3. What’s up with all of these “get a real job” comments? I thought most people hate their jobs. If somebody’s able to make a living or better yet millions on something that’s unconventional, then more power to them.

    It’s also probably ten times harder than we’d assume. I know I ain’t got the personality to draw millions of people.

  4. BustedCondoms


    I had a video taken Down that had over 7m views because YouTube said it contained nudity, it was my fuckin face. Now I see MY video on other YouTube channels. Cool…

  5. talldean


    “But then the rare college financial security Sandt had created for himself through YouTube came crashing down in an instant.”

    That’s… not what “financial security” means, in any normal usage. Holy ****, business insider, that’s a low bar to clear.

    $5 on this one? Whoever owns Rupaul’s Drag Race filed a complaint, with lawyers behind it.

  6. impactify


    Like you were fired from your job, except you continued to do your job, having to guess whether or not you would be paid for each task you completed, based on some strange, secret, and arbitrary computer algorithm.

  7. c3534l


    Being fired and retroactively demonetized for videos by a mindless algorithm because some other algorithm filed a legal complaint without human intervention is some Black Mirror bullshit.

  8. Sloi


    I’m not saying it’s stupid to rely on Youtube advert money to make your living… but… you don’t have a safety net, and that’s something to consider if you plan on trying to make it as a content creator.

    Have a backup plan.

  9. DerBoy_DerG


    Jörg Sprave (the Slingshot Channel guy) made a YouTuber’s union a while ago, and they’re now partnered with IG Metall, Europe’s largest industrial union. They’ve made a couple of demands of YouTube to stop things like this from happening, and gave them a deadline for entering negotations.

    [Here’s](https://youtu.be/oZZ5Kouj_hQ) his first video on these demands, and there’s a couple of updates on his channel as well.

  10. d3vrandom


    Google Adsense has been pulling this **** on website publishers for years. Google and Facebook enjoy a duopoly on internet advertising so no one can fight them.

  11. LarryChupacabra


    The world of literally anything made by Google. The rules are made up. We wont share them with you. If you violate them we’ll kick you off one of our platforms, and we wont explain why you were punished.

  12. ZackJamesOBZ


    I’ve been doing YouTube for 10 years now, and built an animation studio out of it. So, I’d like to chime in.

    Everyone keeps mentioning competition, or lack of. I know Facebook isn’t praised on Reddit; however, they are actually providing the first real sense of competition. They’ve rolled out several monetization tools for creator pages. Since then I’ve seen more revenue generated per view than I’ve seen on YouTube. I’m talking 2x-3x more revenue.

    Again, I know Facebook isn’t highly talked about on Reddit. That said, Facebook is the first wave of real competition. Plenty more are ramping up (can’t say much, signed NDAs). All of them larger companies like Google and Facebook. Which is possibly the only way to create competition with YouTube.

  13. iAmMitten1


    >”I understand that you wanted to know more why your monetization on your channel has been disabled,” a member of YouTube’s Support Team wrote to Hoffman in an email. “Unfortunately, we cannot provide you specific details on what guideline your content has violated and also, we’re not able to provide you where your channel does not comply with YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program terms.”

    That’s such a load of ****. I can’t think of a good reason to *not* tell someone which guideline they violated so that they won’t do it again in the future.

  14. Agentmonday


    If you were incorrectly demonetized, they should reimburse you for any money lost during that time frame. That would be the right thing to do. YouTubers really need to ban together and find an effective way to protest Google.

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