Daily Discussion, August 25, 2019


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  1. Will today be the big day? BTC seems to correct soon. I know people will get all over me for stating this. However, I think it’s good when BTC does correct. We then will go back into bullish mode and we can look ahead. Right now, the entire market seems to be frozen waiting for something to happen.

  2. parakite


    one of the top three cryptos is a total [scam](/r/ripplescam).

    Think of how much the whole space will improve once such scams are totally exposed and are closed. With xrp, there are court cases against the private company running this scam, and in a few months or 2 years at max, it will most likely be closed by a court verdict.

  3. Passing_by_


    Why does cashapp give you a different exchange rate for buying vs selling? I mean, I know the answer is obviously because that’s how they make their money. But why not be transparent about it instead of promoting themselves as “no fees.”

    Current buy rate: $10,202. Current sell rate $9,939.

    (Copied this over from the previous discussion thread.)

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