Google tells employees to stop ‘raging’ about politics and fall in line



  1. bmack083


    If you encourage political discussion at work, don’t be surprised when people argue. I also feel like they created a culture where people would speak aloud comments they would only post online in anonymity.

    Speaking your mind and being honest is great, but speaking with a filter and keeping opinions private also has its time and place. Google didn’t want people to filter themselves and now the company is trying to clean all of the **** out of their food trays. It’s going to be really hard to change this when for decades they encourage people that it’s ok to get triggered politically at work, and then roll that back with company policy. People will get triggered over the roll back.

  2. GeekFurious


    I have no issue with this. Your job is not your social media. No one should go to work expecting to have a debate about their personal beliefs. That’s what the other third of your day is for.

  3. Kr0et


    All actual issues and questionable ethics aside, the self-importance of some companies’ employees, especially those treated as if their company was their servant and given way too much freedom and many perks is astounding. If this is new, google took a long time to tell them to shut up with the unrelated crap and do their job. News about google employees complaining look the same way as some about University demonstrations in the US.

    Tough, but their employees’ behavior is unconstructive if too much whatever-orientation bullshit dictates work culture. If they feel so sick about it, they should simply leave the company, as the most hypocritical thing is to say they suck, facing resistance or “no, we’ll stay the course” and then staying there. This sort of raging and complaining is, in the grand scheme of things, even a worse problem of humanity than google could ever be.

  4. trunicated


    >and you had better believe “don’t be evil” is nowhere on the list

    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, this is the biggest indicator of an author that either doesn’t know what the **** they’re talking about, is unable to perform a simple search of the [Google Code of Conduct]( (check the bottom), or is just outright lying to push their point. I’d be comfortable saying that based on that being in the opening paragraph, the rest of the article is safe to ignore, but I kept reading just to see for myself.

    And it was really just more biased words and lack of actual investigation. Continued summation of other articles done in a poor fashion. Google does a lot of hinky ****… lord knows I’m not a fan of some of the **** they do, but asking employees to avoid talking about things that have a good likelihood of just making them angry at each other isn’t something egregious… it’s the same sort of thing most people do at their Thanksgiving dinner table.

  5. castigatio


    This is a good example of how when we humans are given an arm we’ll take the whole body. These employees are among the most pampered in human history. A number have convinced themselves that their personal opinions – often driven by emotion and not evidence – are important enough for them to use the company as a platform for their narcissistic crusades. Why not grow up and spend some time using the amazing set of tools at your disposal to create something that say, helps people to understand one another better – rather than soap boxing and whining about how oppressed you are.

  6. DigBickBrando


    I see the comments stating “do they know where Google is HQ’d” or “what else can people talk about” or anything else written in here.. nobody has asked the question.. the only question worth asking.. which is, “does Google realize how hypocritical it is for Google to tell their own employees to stop ‘raging’(strong emphasis on that bc really Google did not mean it so direct), when literally the head execs of Google give orders to hide certain political topics…? All the while bringing OTHER political topics to light..”
    idk man. Seems like Google needs to figure Google out before telling Google how Google should act.. fkin Google bro

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  8. 311polo


    All discussing politics at work does is increased harassment complaints to HR and could put a company at risk to lawsuit for not eliminating a hostile work environment.

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