US Government wants to access your data to predict mental health events



  1. NSMike


    We already have real-world examples of where this is generally a huge, bad idea.

    It’s not precisely analogous, but it’s close – the fact that pilots who end up seeking treatment for depression can end up grounded. Reporting these kinds of things, and then punishing them by taking away their livelihood?

    Imagine if you had the specter of potential law enforcement intervention in your life if your medical records indicated that you *might* have some violent tendencies.

    People would avoid treatment. People who might not even be close to committing acts of extreme violence. Roughly 20% of the adult population are suffering from some form of mental illness. That’s 6.5 million people in the US, many of whom might end up afraid to seek treatment because of this kind of program.

    That’s ****** up.

  2. akik


    You’re actually supposed to read the article and not just the title:

    > Those familiar with the project stressed it would not collect sensitive health data about individuals without their permission. The government is simply trying to identify risk factors when it comes to mental health that could indicate violent behavior, they said.

    > “Privacy must be safeguarded. Profiling must be avoided. Data protection capabilities will be the cornerstone of this effort.”

  3. FadeCrimson


    On a wide scale this is absolutely terrifying. For me though I sorta wonder how well this sorta system could actually benefit psychologists in determining this stuff.

    I’ve got a cocktail of stuff wrong with my brain, and i’ve seen many therapists/psychologists over the years. At best they get a basic sense of me, but can’t figure me out really. I’m curious how well machine learning could help diagnose and deal with mental issues like mine.

    Obviously however, that’s not a thing the US government should be trying to do for all it’s goddamn citizens. This **** is straight dystopian.

  4. 69musical


    That would be Scary, I don’t want to share my data with anyone else not even government. I prefer privacy. That is why I have stopped using Facebook also cuz I don’t think they are trustworthy when it comes to my data privacy. Probably this is the only reason I’m using apps/platforms which allows only users to access their own data (not even platform owners) and use technology like Zero Knowledge Encryption to keep users data safe and secure like VID App is doing.

  5. Can anybody, anywhere seriously tell me that this isn’t where you didn’t see this going? There’s been rumblings for a while in the UK about giving the police limited access to medical records for years.

  6. This is essentially the Chinese social credit system with a facade of being done for personal mental health and in reality is little more than the exact same thing China has implemented.

  7. Psistriker94


    State/federal funding has been cut/underfunded for years and Medicaid (the largest source of funding for mental health) is slated to be target next for cuts and now the government wants to care about mental health?

    Lol ok. Priorities, of course.

  8. j0shlindsey


    US Gov’t: uses Twitter algorithm to predict mental health event.

    Trump: good idea

    Machine: @realDonaldTrump has experienced multiple mental health events and is a risk to public health

  9. MyNameIsGriffon


    Ah yes, a fascist in charge wants to involuntarily commit people for mental health and now the underlings want to “predict” your mental health. I see no potential problems with this.

  10. farkwadian


    If they are going to use our twitter feeds to determine who is psychotic and should be locked up then Trump is gonna be the first victim to our new robot overlords.

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