Akon talking about Bitcoin on The Breakfast Club radio show


  1. bluntrollin


    Akon is just flying over peoples heads. They don’t even get that the dollar’s value or bitcoins value is market driven. They dont understand the backing of currency. He did an excellent job explaining high level concepts to 3rd graders.

  2. Baby-Universe


    The VALUE is not only up the people, MINING is like solving a equation, and the more is being mined the harder the equation will be to solve. THAT‘S why the value is rising more and more, because it gets harder and harder to mine them bitcoins. In the beginning a regular computer was enough, but now you literally need computer FARMS to be able to get some. PEACE! 😉

  3. Bairat


    As a matter of fact human time and creativity are the ultimate real value, represented by fair currency, commonly precious metals and soon to be crypto; your time is the true wealth! so never give it out except for others’ time! through precious metals or eventually crypto. we are in a tight stage and should be ready for major corrections in the society.

  4. chimeratx


    Man it pained me when the other dude tried to argue “who says what the worth of it is?”. Sounds like something someone who’s in a very layered bubble would say. His following replies reinforced that.

  5. fittes7


    Well at first I was about keep on scrolling down cause I was like “wtf a rapper knows about bitcoin and money” but I took a chance and listened to it.

    Akon have surprised me pretty much and I liked his explanation.

    But I’ll have to admit that this conversation sounds like all the conversations I had when I’ve tried explaining bitcoin to people.

    People are just stuck at thinking that bitcoin is there to make it easier for people to send money through their phones to people overseas with less fees..

    Or they trust their government so much that they try so hard to ignore all the facts you’re pointing at them.

    And that’s why idk when bitcoin will be the next thing, I believe that once the majority understands money and accept the facts, bitcoin will rocket. That can happen tomorrow or 20 years from now I don’t know… the only reason that bitcoin doesn’t worth 1m$ is lack of people’s knowledge IMO.. bitcoin is the craziest thing that people have invented in the finance sector in the last 100 years.. you people should be thankful for someone like Satoshi who have set there for all that time and invented a whole system that is decentralized and supposed to take care of your money wise freedom and worry.

  6. NimbleBodhi


    If nothing else, even if people don’t like bitcoin or cryptos, at the very least it gets them thinking about and questioning what money actually is and where does it value come from, and that is a BIG step in the right direction for our society.

  7. hipaces


    It’s hard for me to put myself outside of the crypto space. Why do non-crypto people get so caught up in arguing over the value of a USD vs. a bitcoin?

    Have they been programmed by the media to do this? Is it holding on to something comfortable like the USD?


    It just seems like arguments of “why is 1 USD worth 1 USD” in relation to Bitcoin end up going around in circles.

  8. Akon has really done alot for humanitarian efforts. He’s a true professional. From bringing electrcity to millions in Africa, to speaking at places like Milken Institute conference about important topics. He is a great guy. His music is great too.

  9. j_aurelius123


    This ***** Akon, is trying to revolutionize the African continent by helping convert them to crypto. He’s sitting down with African presidents trying to figure out how to break away from the neo colonization of the French who holds 50% of the treasuries to African wealth.
    France is a **** country, they would be a 3rd world country if they weren’t extracting Africa’s wealth.

  10. Kpenney


    I’d say society chooses to back the dollar, and more and more of society has started questioning the real value of of an obviously broken tool where it seems the majority of hard working people around the world are magically getting poorer at the whims of those who dictate value of the tool.

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