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  1. “To achieve its ambitious plans, Chainlink is working with some of the most esteemed engineers in the blockchain business. As well as Ari Juels, the startup is continuing to work with Allen Day from Google and Evan Cheng, who is now Facebook’s Director of R&D at Libra, the social media giant’s cryptocurrency project.”

    Source: [https://decrypt.co/9037/chainlink-ceo-sergey-nazarov-mixicles-smart-contract-defi-privacy](https://decrypt.co/9037/chainlink-ceo-sergey-nazarov-mixicles-smart-contract-defi-privacy)

  2. FunkyRaccoon117


    What’s the best way to buy in Australia when I’m not an Australian resident? Ive been living here for a year and have no way of purchasing as I have no Australian forms of ID to satisfy Coinbase?

  3. pgpwnd


    the last months have reminded me that this market is still tiny, barely any comments on this thread, most people have moved on, including all my friends … we’re entering the boring phase.

    I’m getting that 2015-16 feeling all over again (which turned out to be an insane opportunity for those who quietly invested, it did not feel that way at the time though lol). During 2017 I thought “maybe this is it, we’re stepping up to the world stage”. Turns out we were not quite ready yet, but give it a couple of years and …

  4. watahboy


    Anyone else’s piehole start blocking CMC yesterday? I’m fine with the alternatives, but just wonder what they might have changed on their end.

    On a side note it is a relatively sideways day and the daily thread didn’t go up until 8-9 hours ago, but geez has this place gone so quiet because of the blocking of the manipulators “Dream Network” or is this just because “summer reddit” is over?

  5. Dwigt_Rortugal


    I would appreciate it if you guys would only specifically talk about my coins and how great they are, and how smart I am…..and how strong and good looking I am. And how big my peepee is. Thanks

  6. fattybrah


    Daily comment thread >1000 comments = sell signal. Begin scaling out

    Daily comment thread <100 = buy signal. Begin scaling in

    No need for technical or fundamental analysis bros. I got you , fam

  7. herculesmarsh


    Newb here … another post made me want to post my favourite YouTube “hopium” influencers (I say that right?) … anyways …

    Crypto Zombie


    Crypto Face (yes yes market cypher guy, lol I likem)

    Crypto Crow

    I don’t find any of these channels push a certain coin, Crow does love ADA but he doesn’t push it. Still so much to learn but I’m not burned by anything so things are still new and exciting for me. Anyone have any suggestions for other people to follow and learn some fundamentals? Would also be curious as to opinions of the above channels. I’m bored and have nobody to talk to about diving down the rabbit hole of crypto.

  8. tonyjyoo


    Realistically speaking – what’s the chance of alts recovering back to 2017 levels? With BTC dominance continually pushing forward, it doesn’t seem very likely.

  9. ItsSonic


    Hot take on NANO up for debate. I believe NANO will not end up being largely successful in the long run. If there was a sizeable market for fast free crypto payments, NANO would surely being successful right now. However that is not the case, actual usage of NANO is lacking and most of the user base only holds it as an investment.
    As time goes on, there will be similar DLT/DAG crypto platforms that are not only fast and free, but offer smart contracts, zero knowledge privacy, and sidechains. By the time actual users arrive, NANO will no longer be a contender in the area it currently excels at. Some examples of such platforms are IOTA w/ Qubic and coordinator removal, and Stellar with it’s upcoming Slingshot 2nd layer.
    I’m interested in hearing if you agree, or have any good points as to why this would not be the case.

  10. BelgianPolitics


    **US citizens** from Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming can now legally trade/buy crypto on Nash Exchange if you’re looking for a Binance alternative. If your state isn’t mentioned, legal approval may still happen soon.

  11. renesq


    Are hyperdeflationary tokens dead or will they see a revival? BOMB down 87% from ATH already. The creators now try to diversify, having launched a new XIO token for their BOMBX blockchain incubator.

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