Trump administration considers monitoring smartphones of people with mental health problems


  1. cm_yoder


    If such a program is started then it ought to be ruled unconstitutional in its first legal challenge because it violates the person’s 4th Amendment rights. If you want to monitor smartphones of people then get a warrant.

  2. greenboii69


    **** anyone who tries to justify that, invading privacy is not going to change anything, the Patriot act was passed after 9/11, guess what, there are still school shootings, terror attacks (Boston bombing, NYC, etc.), etc. They have the tools but are still incompetent.

  3. 1_p_freely


    If you are poor or disabled, you can get free cellphone service, and even a free smart phone. Yes, free. However, if you want a landline, you only get a discount.

    The cynic in me believes that there is a reason for this, and it is not altruism. Smart phones are computers; they can be abused to spy on and track or hot-mic people, landlines cannot.

    At this point, since data is the new oil, I wouldn’t be surprised if a company could afford to straight up *give* you a basic smartphone with basic services and make up for it all through tracking and data-mining. The reason you won’t see this happen, is “why make the customer pay once, when we can make them pay twice?” In other words, many services come with a subscription cost, but they also spam you with advertising and track you. I.e. double-dipping.

  4. Moonripple616


    There is a suprisingly large segment of the US population that appears to have stopped reading the Constitution and Bill of Rights after the 2nd amendment. This includes members of the current administration, as evidenced by their attacks on things like birthright citizenship and due process.

    Instead of political debates, I’d prefer to see candidates quizzed on Constitution and civics topics. We’re electing people (from both parties) with an inexcusable deficiency of knowledge on both.

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