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  1. parakite


    When will bitcoin stop acting like a little bitchcoin and start acting like the bitcoin it was designed to be, with a bit of chest hair and deep manly voice? Its all in the whitepaper, dammit.

  2. Zoerak


    I found a lost coin on the street and placed it into the mouth of my chinese money toad. I think this might be the best crypto investing strategy I’ve tried so far.. may all of you guys benefit from it.

    Ps: excuse me for shilling my coin

  3. Seefahh


    Thoughts on XVG, has sentiment improved?Their still here despite obstacles in this bear market, still active development.Not trying to shill, just wondering if people have forgiven.

    EDIT: Well done, r/CryptoCurrency

  4. imaloser107


    Guess I’m the biggest idiot, missed the BTC train even tough I heard of it in 2010 (Thoght it was a scam).

    And even bigger idiot thinking history will repeat itself and that I will be on that train (when theres 2000+ diffrent trains, some which are not even functioning).

    Why you do this crypto? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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