iFixit gives Fairphone 3 a perfect 10 for repairability


  1. slokenny


    iFixIt can blow balls. Ain’t no way you can package the hardware into a slim factor that is the iPhone and also be consumer repairable. Hello IFixIt, ever been on a Foxconn assembly line?

  2. intellifone


    Is it also upgradable? Will they eventually release new CPU modules for me to self install? More ram? Better camera?

    Because unfortunately a device is always disposable in the age of fast improvement of devices. If Android gets so complex that my phone is no longer usable, or requires an older version that won’t install my apps anymore, then I need a new phone.

    Unfortunately, I’d rather get an equivalently priced phone that performs better and risk damaging it (and then having to buy new) than having a middling phone that I can fix (but only need to fix if I’ve broken it).

    Until I can upgrade internal components that keeps it performing well, then I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

    I’m sure it can be done. I’d even be willing to pay the $800-$900 price for an upgradable phone that was maybe missing the best screen or was thinner. Or the best camera. As long as it has a good upgradable screen. A good upgradable CPU. A good upgradable SSD. Maybe even upgradable antennas. My current phone doesn’t support my carrier’s new location by range LTE bands. New antennas would be awesome.

  3. there_I-said-it


    It’s a bit underpowered. I took the iFixit score of my phone into account when choosing it. Unfortunately, all the best-scoring phones were far out-of-date and the best I could find was a OnePlus 5 scoring 7 (the OnePlus 6 scored 6, like the iPhone). Hopefully they do well enough to release more powerful phones in the future because being able to fix it (and not just break more parts while trying) is important to me.

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