Looking for some ideas of the best way to make money in Edtech

I mean, technology is a non-starter since the market is saturated with rubbish, and you all don't understand technology anyway.
I wouldn't want to get a job as an EdTech Coach/integrator because I'd feel too embarrassed.

So, I was thinking perhaps start with another Edtech conference, fill it full of equally cynical vendors, start by approaching some of these actual self aware edtech con merchants on twitter (God bless and save them) and pay them 20dolla to spam some hashtags and drum of some "inspiring" blogs posts. Then after 12 months of hype, run my conference. Off the back of the conference we can launch some stupid ass edtech 'qualification'. Enough leverage and google SEO and in 24 months we can convince every school director that our qualification is the greatest.

Of course we need some keynote speakers. Those sort of are easily found by scanning the TEDx and Learning2 youtube lists. Literally all these people want is their faces on the internet so they'll be doing a good 90% of my marketing for me by spamming their twitter and fb feeds with this crap.

I could make a fortune on stickers alone. Because we there is nothing an EdTechCoach loves more than a laptop sticker.

The only stumbling block I forsee is finding a venue large enough to accommodate the thousands of tossers looking for something #inspiring to blow their training budget on.

Thoughts? Sorry, #thoughts?

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  1. HuntingIvy


    Man, it took me way too long to recognize the sarcasm. It’s extra sad because I’m currently in hour 3 of a full day training on New Edtech Tool 3.0 (TM) (in which we rebranded, updated our UI, and hid all our valuable features behind a paywall.)

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