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  1. RoklemCrypto


    Some incredible news coming out of the World Blockchain Conference in Wuzhen, China right now. We’re talking open proclamations about the brilliance of Bitcoin, about mining, about Ethereum. The country is going full crypto crazy – in a good way. And it’s NOT just blockchain. They’re talking BTC & ETH & alts too.

    If China is going to open yuan on-ramps soon (and recent correspondence from Huobi suggests this is happening right now in Hong Kong) then things are going to get uber-bullish real quickly.

  2. vekypula


    Trading shitcoins is like 3 times harder than bitcoin.
    You have to actually check news and timelines, TA to some extent and most importantly you need to watch when could big daddy **** the bed. For example VET folk got it all right and it was all macrons and unicorns till today morning , BUT THEN, big daddy decided the show is over.

  3. ezpzfan324


    welcome to your next ethereum shill post (non douche edition) …

    defi lenders are currently earning >$9.7 million per year….

    for free. without trusting a third party. no kyc.

    you could be earning 5% on your crypto for doing nothing…


    name any other crypto who can do that.

  4. coi-coi


    What are peoples thoughts on charity tokens, is block-chain a feasible use to charities. How would things be audited correctly?

    Are tokens such as Jamaicoin(YAH) interesting enough to gain traction? Is lowering remittance costs in Jamaica a good use of crypto?

    Their whitepaper can be found here: [https://gocryp.to/index.html](https://gocryp.to/index.html)

    I’m looking to compile a list of charity tokens can anyone suggest others?

  5. DTF_Truck


    Although I’m not as clued up about crypto as a lot of people, I think crypto in general is stuck in a loop that it cant seem to escape from.

    In order for crypto to be valuable, it needs to be used as a currency.
    People dont spend it as a currency because it might be valuable one day.

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