Members of violent white supremacist website exposed in massive data dump


  1. DVLisAhero


    This is just a couple of hundred, we need the names of all trump voting nazis so that companies can be pressured into firing them. Leaks like this are proof that the secret ballot is a mistake. People that vote for the far right don’t deserve privacy. People would vote left wing or get ostracized, which is how thing should be.

  2. Alblaka


    Ye, no, I was considering to advocate against exploiting this leak, because immoral and all that,

    but honestly I would rather be the hypocrite here and go with the ‘the only thing that deserves not to be tolerated, is intolerance’ stance here.

    Might actually come a good use out of this: The main draw of these sites is (I suppose) for these kinds of people to share their sentiments without being called out on it… if they lose trust into these sites being able to keep their data private, that removes an avenue of communication and reinforcement, possibly working against the spread of fascism.

    Shame it doesn’t seem to contain clear personal data though, that would have been… more interesting.

  3. electricfoxx


    There are many technologies to hide who you are, but they might be doing this out in the open to try to recruit others. Remember those teens that wanted to join ISIS?

    The thing is that distinction between trolls (like 4chan/pol) and real neo-Nazis must be had. If you waste all you energy on trolls, the Nazis get away.

  4. somedave


    I doubt anyone will have used their real name as a username, thus it’s just ip addresses and potentially emails (which might be throwaway ones). That isn’t that much to go on.

  5. BiggerFrenchie


    Is there a portal I can query for people I might know? I have some suspected WHote Supremicists from my youth that I’ve always wondered about. One in particular became a cop and it dawned on me yesterday that that piece of **** most likely participated in these types of antisemitic and racist organizations.

  6. hawkwings


    If you select the worst quotes from most any website such as Reddit, you can make that website sound bad. Is Dan just reporting the worst quotes he could find or is he reporting average posts? Were there good people posting to that website?

  7. crosey22


    This article is full of speculation. Speculating isnt news.

    “violent gangs SUPPOSEDLY formed”

    “5 murders MIGHT be linked”

    “Incriminating evidence COULD be coming”

    The article could have ended with a data breach happened and people say racist things on that website. That’s all we know, we have no specifics.

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