The government keeps its use of facial recognition tech secret. The ACLU is suing. The ACLU is suing the FBI to find out what the government is doing with facial recognition technology.


  1. 57ashdot


    You know what they are doing.

    I know what they are doing.

    The question is, does anybody do anything about it? The answer is unfortunately still no. We arent uncomfy enough to finally restrict government powers. Being spyed on at all times in public isnt enough I guess.

  2. Bitch_I_Am


    Here we go again, our weekly dose of “SECURITY vs. PRIVACY”

    Apparently people cannot understand that you cannot have one, with the other.


    A completely private society would allow people to commit deranged crimes since they would have complete privacy to plot stuff.

    A completely secure society (if we achieve 100% surveillance) would be void of any privacy since that is the literal definition of security. If the stuff isn’t private, people can prevent it from happening.

    Just relax people what’s the damn rush in “knowing everything”?

  3. 0xD153A53


    I don’t see the ACLU winning this case, as the FBI can clearly argue that releasing that information will compromise law enforcement procedures. While I don’t necessarily like that, I do accept that it’s up to the ACLU to prove the technology is being used illegally, not for the FBI to prove it’s not.

    This means the FBI will likely keep its use of the technology wrapped in as much secrecy as possible, relying on an internal whistleblower to blow the lid off any illegal use of it.

  4. kalabario


    I do not see why people are so upset about this when they have had their pictures on drivers liscences and passports for decades.. Your faces have been in some kind of database for waaay longer than this tech – and the big bad government didn’t come after you then.

  5. dougdemaro


    The only way we’re going to find out is if someone leaks the information. I doubt there’s going to be Snowden 2.0 and if there was most of reddit would label them a Russian and support the goverment knowing everything about them at all times in order to stop facism.

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