WARNING: Do not use Paycent.com, they scammed me for 1141.6 USD + debit card issuance fee.

Edit: I've been threatened with legal action.

Edit: SO THEY REACTED AFTER I MADE THIS POST, AND GAVE ME MY MONEY BACK. So you know how to treat such companies in the future.

Long story short: their debit cards are disfunctional, but they are taking orders. Waiting for mine almost 6 months now, also you can't do nothing with USD credit on your account. Read the details below:

June 19th: Joined Paycent platform and ordered Mastercard debit card.

June 20th: I'm verified. "**Verification successful! You may now enjoy the features and functionalities of Paycent. If you have any concerns, e-mail us at hello@paycent.com. Thank you for trusting Paycent, where every sent matters! Sincerely, Your Paycent Team"*

July 19th: Mastercard received but it's not functioning – can't assign PIN through mobile application. Mastercard NOT ACTIVATED, not matter they said they are about to activate it. Same day, they requested my passport again, no matter I'm already verified. "We are about to activate your Paycent Solitaire Card, in order for us to do so, kindly note as per our records, your: · Passport should be a whole document. Please send the document to us as soon as possible by attaching it on your email response, so that we can get your card activated by our bank. Thank you in advance for your prompt action. Sincerely, Your Paycent Team"

August 3th: They requested my proof of address again no matter I was already verified, I supplied it.

August 25: They suggested, and I accepted they replace Mastercard with UPayInternational (UPI) debit card. To this day (Nov 11), I did not receive it. "Your card order is now updated and changed to UPI. Please wait for the bank to complete their verification process and activate the card. I trust I've explained everything clearly. Please let us know if you need any more information. Kind regards, Liam B. Customer Experience Team"

September 10th: They said they will activate UPI virtual card – not activated to this day. "Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience with Paycent. I apologize if our service did not meet your expectations, and I appreciate you taking time to share your concerns. For the delivery of UPI, we actually rely on our partner bank as they are the one’s who distributes the card that we ship. Please note that we deliver the cards by batches. Since I have checked that your document is okay, I will make a follow up for them to speed up the activation of your virtual card so you can at least use the card for online transactions. Thank you for being patient on the matter. For additional questions, please do not hesitate to respond on this email. Sincerely, Jen S. Customer Experience Team"

I made a huge mistake exchanging 10 ETH on their platform which are essentially inaccessible now. Can't spend them, can't convert them back to crypto.

October 25th: They offered China UPay card. I rejected it, and said I want my money back (card issuance fee + USD worth 10 ETH I have in my account. They requested my BTC address, I gave it the same day. I still received nothing.

November 1st: They said they will give my BTC back in 5 working days. Those days passed – nothing happened, they still owe me my money: "I have raised your concern to our Finance Team for immediate handling and was advised that the full refund will be processed within 5 working days. Kindly note Saturday & Sunday are non-working days in order to set your expectations right. Rest assured that we are taking immediate actions on your concern. Thank you for understanding. Sincerily, Jansen M. Customer Experience Team"

Make your own conclusions. From my perspective, it's at least selective scamming tactics of prolonging and lying. And now I'm left only with my time and will to let everyone know. You will find this post everywhere. Thanks!

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  1. jrossetti


    Id like to point out that today is the 5th working day from when they said they’d repay you. And you got repaid today.

    They likely didnt even see this post and it probably had no bearing as to why you were paid today.

    November 1st wouldnt have counted as a day. Then the next two days were weekends. Then monday to today is 5 business days.

  2. badfishbeefcake


    It drives me nuts people blaming the guy. This is why there is so much scam in the crypto-sphere. Nobody blame the scammer, yeah blame the victim.

    Look, i’m sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing and I recommend to either store your crypto on a cold storage, or if you plan to spend it, make a small deposit in a highly trusted wallet.

  3. Gorman2462


    This is the company that just partnered with Ripple and Pornhub, XRP holders were shitting their pants over it saying its “gonna moon!”. XVG partnered with Pornhub too, and it did absolutely nothing to help them.

  4. lodobol


    Maybe some of these companies are trying to wait out a market rally.

    Scam with legal exit:
    1. Collect customer money (worth 1141.6 USD)
    2. Buy BTC (or hold BTC)
    3. Delay and string customer along for 6 months
    4. BTC rises 5x
    5. Once customer is starting to take legal action return their money (1141.6 USD worth, not the same amount of crypto sent in)

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