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  1. repeater181


    VeChain is a strong project and has real world potential. I just don’t feel comfortable investing in crypto which has ties to the Chinese government.

    But I’m happy for the people who stuck by VET because objectively it is a good project.

  2. NanoYoBusiness


    Although I don’t hold any, I’m happy for the VET community because they stayed loyal through all the **** talkers who bashed legit projects like VET and NANO simply because the price chart took a nosedive for no good reason other than weak hands in a bear market. I’m happy to see them get rewarded for it. I think the same will happen with NANO soon.

  3. moonpotato123


    The reason VET is not a good investment is that rationally it’s price should be attached to the rate at which it produces VTHO, and subsequently the price per VTHO. In other words, VET isn’t meant to be a speculative instrument like other cryptocurrencies because its output can be measured. Similarly, VTHO is not meant to be a speculative instrument because the foundation has specifically stated that they mean to keep the price [of VTHO] stable so businesses can better predict production costs; this means that VTHO will only be as valuable as the amount which is consistently burned through tx fees. The absence of speculation significantly limits its overhead potential in regards to price action.

  4. 753UDKM


    The /r/CryptoCurrency discord is absolute garbage and makes this space seem awful. It’s full of racists, anti-semites, and 4chan memes. Holy **** I hope newcomers to crypto don’t go there.

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