Digital Scavenger hunts

I have a faculty member who wants to use GooseChase to create a scavenger hunt for her classes to use this semester. I've tried it out and it looks really fun but the free version is limited and we have no budget for this sort of thing right now. Have you used anything similar that we might be able to try?

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  1. LowDownBear


    I don’t know if I would call it similar to Goosechase (I have not had a chance to play around with it yet) but I have seen Flipgrid used for scavenger hunts pretty effectively. QR codes can be printed to bring students directly to each challenge or task. You can even throw some AR components in it for good measure.

    The big loss would be it does not have a built-in point system/leaderboard like Goosechase. But if the teacher is willing to keep track of that it would get the job done for free.

    [Here]( is a resource for using Flipgrid to create scavenger hunts.

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