Can you help me identify the technology?

Hi guys, wondering if you can help, watching this guy on youtube, he is a professor in UK. How is he showing himself and also the drawings he is doing and switching the powerpoint as well.

Would like to do something similar for asynchronous classes.

Any advice hugely appreciated.

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  1. eldonhughes


    2:40 is a document camera like an IPEVO using the Visualizer software to do the picture in picture. 20:25 is a slide deck, probably just doing a screen share of a specific window. This could have been entirely recorded with something like Screencastify, or by a Meet or Hangout (or Zoom).

  2. Some of my teachers brought home their document cameras and did this using Zoom. You can click share screen on zoom and then there is a button that says alternative camera. Hope this helps!

  3. lusciouscactus


    Dude is just really good at video editing.

    So you’ll need a video editor and two cameras recording simultaneously (and a way to suspend one of those cameras above your hands and the paper)

    Edit: Source: I do this kind of stuff for my students, but less with my hands and more with my face and my computer screen

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