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I'm currently furloughed from my job as a BDR thanks to COVID, and am looking for new jobs. I spent 5 years teaching ESL and then moved online to VIPKIDS and EF along with a few private students. Being on the younger side, the transition wasn't too difficult but many educators I've spoken with have been struggling. Is there a way I could use this experience to get a job helping or training teachers who are preparing to hold their classes online until 2021?

I was thinking there might be something consultative or in product management, but have no idea where to go or who I might speak to going forward.

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  1. BenjaminHorst


    There is clearly a need for this, but how to fill the need, is not so clear. Maybe large school districts would be hiring? Maybe you could create training materials and sell or distribute them, as a draw to hire you for consulting work? What about contacting previous employers to offer your consulting, at least as a start to building your brand momentum?

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