I’ve been wanting to start this company for a while


There is the basic idea behind it. TBH, I've mostly worked on this by myself for a while but never got feedback from the education and edtech community. I would love feedback on this plan, because I personally really love this little vision of mine and I want to grow it for subjects like mathematics, investing, computer science, history, art, language, child learning, pedagogy expansion and so on..

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  1. This is a really great proposal and I love the amount of research and depth of decision making on the tech stack.

    I think I’m still hazy on the reward system – do schools / users pay more for higher usage? If so, how do the costs get “redistributed” to schools in need of more resources? Or do they get a discount for participating more / answering more questions and uploading more content that sees higher usage?

    I was looking through your Github and I’m also curious about LiteLearn haha. Seems cool!

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