Online education will forever change the user habits

During the period of general isolation, educational organizations moved to the Internet. And this led to a reduction in transaction costs – to get knowledge you do not need to wash, dress, go to school or college. It is enough to turn on the computer. And just as most companies have revised their views on remote work, the education system may radically change in the near future. What do you think?

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  1. 43556_96753


    For most universities it won’t change anything long-term if they can survive the next year financially. Online courses are very difficult to do well and to have satisfied students, especially if it’s private university or they are paying out of state tuition.

    If you’re asking about whether students will opt for online vs in person, I highly doubt it’ll cause a substantive shift long-term. Socialization is probably as important, if not more, than the education itself. It’s about living on your own and getting adjusted to being on your own. We will probably see a lot of incoming freshman take a gap year.

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