Using Unity Game Design Engine to Apply Language Arts Skills

One thing technology is good for in education is to create authentic applications of content related-skills. Language arts skills, for instance, are used when making videogames, as the stories found therein are quite complex and nuanced. As such, I designed a project in which students would use the Unity Game Design Engine to create a video game cutscene, and I've outlined it in this video. Thoughts? Also, if anyone is familiar with this engine, I'm trying to create a playable portion, but the the program keeps telling me I have compiling errors. The file name matches the class name, which would typically be the problem. Does anyone know why else this might occur?

Here's the video:

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  1. wendazzler


    Wow I love this! I teach k-8 and this is a bit advanced for my students, but I love your idea of incorporating game design into ELA. I could see adapting this idea to better fit what I’ve been working on with my students, even if it’s not an exact parallel. Thanks for the inspiration!

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