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Hey friends,

I've been working on this startup idea for a bit, and am now trying to test demand for it, before putting any more money down onto app development.

Basically, the premise is quite simple – I don't think education teaches the critical soft and life-skills necessary for success in life, especially for the future of work that children will soon face. This is meant to be an EdTech platform that aims to teach kids about the importance of these skills, provide an opportunity to practice, and receive feedback.

I'd be super grateful for any feedback, or if you could share it with people who might be interested. I'm hoping to figure out what types of students/families would be most interested in this product, so I can figure out how best to serve them.

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  1. megagood


    I only glanced at it but I would challenge using the term Ed tech. It seems like predominantly content. Is there an actual technology you are developing, or is it just an online course with the standard content types and tools?

  2. UpTickDownTurn


    Awesome! Keep pushing. The best way to incubate an MVP in the edtech space is to find an eager school with whom you can partner in the process. The sales cycle is so slow in the edtech field and the burn rate so high, that you need to have a fully-featured, field-tested product before you ever pitch at your first conference. I’m on that same grind at the moment.

  3. 43556_96753


    It sounds like the company has just waded one toe into the water. This isn’t one of those ideas where you can do that. You can’t even be bothered to get a real website and domain for your email. Why would I want my child to be educated by something so fleeting or fly by night? I understand you don’t want to risk “more” but you’re gonna have to jump in more to convince anyone.

    Also, after looking at the website, I still don’t have any clue what “skills” is your differentiator. Your pitch is unclear. If I’m one of the “lucky” 100 to join your experiment, will it be free?

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