Meet Tuhin Banik - Guy Who's Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape Using Artificial Intelligence

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Tuhin Banik

Most of us are aware of the fact that the usage of internet is rapidly increasing with each passing day. Approx 3.2 billion people are using the internet (source). Thus, it leaves a great exposure, marketplace and customer opportunity for businesses (small, medium or large).

As a matter of fact, most businesses are now totally dependent upon digital marketing activities for gaining the highest ROI and their sales funnel growth. With that being said, in next 5 years - online marketing will have the highest customer acquisition success compared to the traditional trend of marketing.

Fortune companies are investing millions of dollar on their marketing campaign for getting an optimal sales funnel growth. According to a survey poll - many multi-million dollar companies also stated that 60% of their company's budget gets drained away in online marketing alone.

Well this is not the end, further survey also concluded that most digital marketing campaigns are not as effective when it comes to the correlation study b/w Return on Investment (ROI) and capital investment.

When interviewed with most of the digital marketing experts, the following points have been concluded:

Now the question is - "Is that all for Digital Marketing"?

Well, technically speaking it is not. Today the story is about a guy named Tuhin Banik from Middle East India, who is a young entrepreneur by passion, data scientist by profession and an active digital marketing expert as a professional consultant. His is on a mission, where he and his team are actively enhancing digital marketing campaigns with artificial intelligence and data science. Interesting, isn't it?

Based on the thoughts of Mr. Banik - "AI has a huge potential and so as data science and if they are combined with advanced digital marketing strategies then it can not only result in quick turnover but also will lead to 5X the ROI model. This is a huge profit capital margin for any business."

Now the question is how artificial intelligence can be blended with digital marketing? Well, the summarized thoughts based on Mr. Banik are listed as below:

Digital Marketing Landscape Using Artificial Intelligence

Based on a review, it was found that Tuhin Banik actively works on most of his clients' projects by combining AL with his marketing strategies. To be more specific, Mr. Banik's clientele inventory is worth 453 Million dollar in market value and his clients enjoy sales funnel growth by 6.53 times from market's average.

There are several case studies where Mr. Banik actively helped a small start-up in grabbing up to a million-dollar sales funnel.

The story doesn't ends here, Mr. Banik now runs an Indian company named as ThatWare which has a dedicated team of advanced digital marketing experts and data scientists.

When asked, Mr. Banik stated - "We want to change the landscape of digital marketing industry with artificial intelligence."

Mr. Banik is actively helping over 300+ clients with his strategies in providing effective solutions for every challenge.

Some of the futuristic visions of Mr. Banik are listed as below:

Not only is he excelling with his company and services, but he also invested in a company called Adept Master as he thinks unemployment is the biggest challenge India is facing currently. Ironically, it's not due to lack of job opportunities but due to lack of necessary skill set. According to a recent study by an assessment firm, 94% of Indian graduates are unfit for hiring, which not only affects economy but also disturb the personal lives of future generation.

Working on a variety of projects with multiple companies, Tuhin and Adept Master Team has personally experienced a huge gap between industry requirements and employees' knowledge/expertise. Reason for this situation has something to do with multiple factors, primarily being our current educational system.

Thinking alone about problems doesn't help in solving them, but a well-planned action does. From 2012, the team has been extensively researching to backtrack and map every ability/skill that is required for an employee to a specific subject/category and worked extensively on developing them.

Today, he is ready with 1-year Integrated & Holistic programs for graduates, which address all prevailing challenges & empower graduates with life-skills and wisdom for a happy and balanced life. All Programs assure a guaranteed job at the end of the course.

Well to conclude, Mr. Tuhin Banik is definitely into many good things as he is constantly helping in changing the landscape of the industrial marketplace with some of the most advanced technologies ever prevailed.

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